Here, you dine like a "NAWAB"

Hyderabad House welcomes all of you for a "Royal Dining Experience". We serve authentic Hyderabadi cuisine with "Dum" Biryani being our speciality :) Also, our Chicken 65 which serves as a starter is not worth missing ! We do food delivery too. 

<br></br>Prices are VAT Inclusive<br></br><br></br>
<strong>The Hyderabad House</strong><br></br>
Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani<br></br>
#Hyderabadi #Cuisine #DineLikeANawab<br></br>

<strong>Known For: </strong> Its Authentic Hyderabadi Flavors<br></br>
<strong>Cuisines: </strong><br></br>Biryani, Kabab, Curry, Desert, Mutton Delicacy, Mughlai Menu<br></br>
<strong>Note, While you place an order online</strong><br></br>
1) You may mention your preferences in the Note Section<br></br>
2) Do ensure that your location map is tagged well by a tapping the Circle Icon in the Map.<br></br>
3) Minimum Order Quantity should be of atleast Rs. 3599/-<br></br>
4) Delivery Charge is Rs. 200/-; Free Deliveries on orders above Rs. 4000/-<br></br>
5) We Deliver within Ring Road only.<br></br>
6) Time: <br></br>
Dine In Services:  11:00 AM to 09:00 PM<br></br>
Delivery Services: 01:00 PM to 07:00 PM<br></br>
7) You can also use Foodmandu or Bhojdeals<br></br><br></br>
8) Special Discounts on Take-Away and Dine-In<br></br>
<strong> Avg Preparation Time</strong> 40 mins<br></br>
(In case of queue)<br></br>
<strong> Payment Method:</strong> Cash<br></br>
<strong>Refer a Friend</strong><br></br>
1) Get your friends to download and order,<br></br>
2) Ask them to use your Loyalty Code in (Referral) while signing up.<br></br>
3) Or, Ask them to Mention your Code in the Notes Section while ordering.<br></br>
4) We will select a Surprise winner each week.<br></br>
<strong>Corporate Orders</strong><br></br>
1) We host Corporate Gatherings<br></br>
2) There will be Corporate Discounts.<br></br>
3) There must be pre informing two hours prior<br></br>
4) Minimum Guests that avail Corporate Offers must be atleast 6 pax.<br></br>
5) We do your Workplace Catering Services.* (Call for more)<br></br>

<strong>Contact Us at:</strong><br></br>
<strong>Branch 1: Naxal.</strong><br></br>
<strong>Phone:</strong>01-4443839 or 01-4417362<br></br>
<strong>Branch 2) Jhamsikhel.</strong><br></br>
<strong>Phone:</strong>Ph: 01-5549462</strong><br></br>
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Naxal and Jhamsikhel

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